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06/18/09 New track, new projects and some more things to come pretty soon...
04/23/08 The 2nd compilation from streaming radio fantasy music station Radio Rivendell is out now!

The CD is called The Book of War and I made a track called The Great March with help from my friends from Virtual Dimension and the people from Aardarsfjord. Thanks guys, that was fun!
12/24/07 Merry christmas to everyone and a happy new year (although there are quite some days left)! I want to wish you a peaceful and relaxing time and enjoy these days with your family and friends!
10/02/07 I want to introduce you to my latest studio partner Leander, a gift and a star, a wonder and my joy. Thank you, Birgit! Born on september 18th, a sweet and healthy little boy...

Additionally, as promised, I have made some new pictures from my new studio location. You'll find them in the Studio section, of course.
08/09/07 Time to make a next step - I'm moving with my studio to a new location. Most work is done, the sound is really great and you will find some new pictures, soon...
04/18/07 Radio Rivendell I'm happy to announce that a CD compilation from Radio Rivendell will feature one of my latest tracks as opening title, called Nebenmärchen. This CD contains many fantasy tracks, perfect for RPGs or just listening...
12/24/06 A merry christmas to everyone and a happy new year! Enjoy the days, relax and have a nice time with your friends and family!
09/12/06 Quite some reviews have already appeared on the net about the new Immortal 3 album. Check out the Press section to find out what they say about my Deathmask remix!
09/07/06 Interested in a view behind the scenes? Would you like to check some recording snippets from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. session?
A high resolution video clip, originally recorded by the czech magazine LEVEL at the recordings, can be downloaded at! Thanks, Pavel! :) Oh, and some comments from me are also included... sorry for my bad English!
09/06/06 Yippie - my very first real analogue synthesizer (a Roland Juno 106) and some small changes have been added to my studio section. The Roland sounds very warm and alive, has a great chorus and just makes fun to play...
09/01/06 Immortal 3 Just in case, I haven't mentioned before: Immortal 3 is out!!!

Two CDs containing lots and lots of Amiga remixes, most of them remixed by the original composer. One track was done by myself, featuring a real violin, guitar, flute and percussion...
07/13/06 Die RömerFinally, after quite some months, I can add another project update to this page. I've done some music for Die Römer, which has been released by cdv already.
09/22/05 Revival ST Revival ST has finally been released! The Atari remix compilation (including two tracks of mine) can be ordered at, snippets available at their website.

One of the tracks is even featuring a small choir and of course lots of live performed instruments...
06/04/05 Some new tools and pictures in the studio section
05/12/05 Die Gilde 2 A new game on the projects list: The Guild 2 by 4HEAD Studios

This game will be released in september 2006 and is looking really great so far. If you're a fan of the first part, don't miss this game!
03/09/05 The new German music-magazine Beat (04/05 2005) features a huge article (6 pages!) about the music in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and game music itself. Don't miss it!
02/23/05 Get the lates Gamestar magazine (April 2004, German only) if you want to read a report (three pages) about game music, including an interview with myself...
01/06/05 Let's welcome the new year with a new track: I'm glad to present you "About Kings and Dragons", a track from the game Tales of Tamar.
Merregnon 2 Japan Edition The Japanese version of the Merregnon 2 soundtrack is going to be released on January 19th, 2005 by Sony Music Distribution, published by Dex Entertainment. This edition has been completely localized and all of the artwork was changed into a very beautiful manga style.
Pictures from the GC Opening Concert 2004 are now available at the official VideoGameMusic Concerts-Website.

Find there all information about upcoming concerts and lots of pix...
Chris Hülsbeck, Markus Holler & Nobuo Uematsu at GC Opening Concert 2004
Chris Hülsbeck, Markus Holler & Nobuo Uematsu at GC Concert 2004
10/02/04 Some new equipment in the studio...
09/13/04 You can now take a short video trip through my studio. The clip requires MPEG-4 codec and is 3,5MB.
07/15/04 Here's a first, really nice comment on my STALKER-music:
"After downloading the tracks everybody is so excited about the music! Stalker will rock in many respects, and undeniably music is one of those!"
(Oleg Yavorsky, Senior PR Manager GSC Game World)
05/27/04 Since today, the tickets for the upcoming opening concert for the Games Convention 2004 are available!
Next to hit-songs like Final Fantasy, Turrican or Metal Gear Solid, a S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-medley will be performed as well!
05/25/04 Together wit the release of the Merregnon 2 - album, there's a very interesting interview (German) about this project with Thomas Böcker and Andy Brick on the german onlinemagazine
05/08/04 The orchestral recordings in Prague for the upcoming hit-game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl have taken place on 05/06/04, and they just turned out great! Pictures will hopefully be available soon...
Additionally, the long awaited Merregnon 2 soundtrack will appear on 05/24/04 and can already be preordered!
04/20/04 The first snippets from the upcoming Merregnon album have been released - one of them is my track Firelit Council.
03/14/04 There's a nice review of the Remix64V2 album at
12/23/03 Finally the Remix64 Vol. 2 CD is being shipped!
12/10/03 have published an article about the official announcement of the Stalker live recording gig with the FILMharmonic Orchestra.
11/30/03 Here's a new orchestral track for download: Trolls Leave the Mountains...
11/28/03 New homepage going online...
11/12/03 The latest Stalker trailer has been released, where I have written the music for!
10/05/03 A new song for download: Thief of the Night. Some celtic influences and a beautiful flute; this song might be perfect for some fantasy roleplayinggame...
09/12/03 The track Gate to Another World was used as background music on the cover CD of the German computermagazine Bravo Screenfun 09/03.
09/08/03 The opening concert of the Games Convention in Leipzig just turned out great! For those who missed it, here's at least a picture of the concert (copyright by Messe Leipzig GmbH):

Additionally here's an update of the studio page.
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